Vessel Build/Repair Disputes

With extensive experience in ship build, repair and conversion projects, we can provide advice and assistance in the following areas: Initial investigation of build/repair related casualties/claims, assessment of the merits on liability and post-incident repair co-ordination and assistance.

Technical Appraisal

We can provide advice and assistance to insurers, vessel owners/operators, port operators, ship builders/repairers, claims management companies and lawyers on a range of services including, but not limited to: Early technical evaluation and advice in respect of new and ongoing claims.


Calling upon trusted surveyors with sector-specific experience, we can provide a full range of survey services including, but not limited to: Machinery/equipment, H&M damage surveys, Cargo damage surveys and Condition surveys (routine and pre-entry).

Legal Disputes & Litigation

A qualified shipping lawyer with extensive seagoing marine engineering experience understands the procedural and evidential requirements of an expert witness.
Butterworth Marine can provide expert witness services in a wide variety of legal disputes. Calling upon experts with sector-specific experience

Casualty Investigation

We provide a full range of casualty investigation and reporting services including but not limited to: Collision/grounding investigation, negotiation and drafting of salvage/wreck removal contracts and assistance during salvage and wreck removal operations

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